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Professional, and affordable Wine Bottle Shots

Your wine bottles are a part of the overall brand of your winery. High quality photographs are essential to showing that brand off online, and in print. To a customer looking to order wine, it may be the only visual representation they need.

Cut Out Bottle Shots

This is the standard wine bottle photograph. Shot on white, then digitally cut out. These photos come with both a plain white background, as well as a transparent background. Common uses include a website where the background should show through, or graphic design and advertising where the bottle can be put on top of existing graphics.
Any way it is used, this is a basic clean photo with a strong focus on the label, and lighting.

Stylized Bottle Shots

Are you looking for that something extra? Something to really highlight the wine bottle and branding. Stylized bottle shots are fully staged studio or outdoor photos that put your bottle in a environment unique to you. We can run with a theme to create a photo that does more than just show the bottle. Custom styles, props, and backgrounds are used

Different Lighting Styles

There are many different lighting styles for basic bottle shots. Some accentuate the shape of the bottle with strong lighting, and others are softer featuring detailed labels.
Take a chance to review our lighting effects, and see if you have a favorite.