Wine Bottle Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element of wine bottle photography. Careful attention is made to shadows, highlights, and reflections. They are used in a way that enhances the shape of the bottle. Hard lines, or soft. Symmetrical lighting, or off-set.
Some accentuate the shape of the bottle with strong lighting, and others are softer featuring detailed labels. Take a chance to review our lighting effects, and see if you have a favorite.

wine bottle shot hard thin lighting

Hard thin banded lighting

wine bottle shot soft a symmetrical lighting

Soft A-Symmetrical lighting

wine bottle shot soft double banded lighting

Soft double banded lighting

wine bottle shot soft one sided lighting

Soft one-sided lighting

wine bottle shot hard a symmetrical lighting

Hard A-Symmetrical lighting

Specialty Wine Labels

Getting the lighting just right on the label may require special attention.
Screen printed, foil, or embossed labels may be best shot under different lighting conditions, then overlayed to make sure that it is represented accurately. We don't change pricing for difficulty. Just know that we strive for high quality photography and attention to detail.

Hearst Ranch wine bottle photography foil label lighting
Alexandar Smith wine bottle embossed label lighting
Four Sisters Ranch wine bottle photography foil label lighting
Castoro MMT wine bottle shotscreen printed label

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